Roulette progressive betting strategies

Roulette strategies in online casino Malaysia that use progressive type bets are based on increasing the amount of the bet depending on the result of a spin, and decreasing it with the opposite result.

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  • They can be of the positive progressive type , where the bets are increased when the player makes a winning spin and decreased when he loses. One of the most recognized strategies of this type is the Martingale where the bet is doubled when it is lost and the initial bet is retaken when it is won.
  • And, negative progressive type strategies that unlike the previous ones, the bets are increased when you lose and decrease when you win. An example would be the Reverse Martingale.

Many of the progression strategies focus on roulette outside bets . These are the ones that offer players the best chance of winning, almost 50%. And it is advisable to put them into practice in European or French roulettes, which present a lower advantage for the house. This type of roulette strategy seeks to protect the winnings that the player can achieve.

Non-progressive betting strategies

The other type of roulette strategies are those of non-progressive bets. They imply that the player in any case bets the same amount of the bet. And they generally use inside bets or groups of numbers instead of outside bets.

One of the best-known strategies of this type is that of James Bond , which was devised by the writer Ian Fleming for his famous works on the English secret agent of the same name. This strategy uses flat bets (of the same amount) and is based on covering more than half of the bets on the game table. This is in order to increase the player’s chances of winning.

Another roulette strategy of this type is to choose neighboring numbers by dividing the bet, and selecting at least 5 numbers that are neighboring in the roulette. This type of bets fall within the announced bets that are made in French and European roulette.

Roulette progressive betting strategies

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