Double Action Roulette

The board game is believed to have become popular in the late 18th century in France and later in other parts of Europe. Around the 19th century, roulette also became famous in the United States. Although the American version of the game looks a lot like its European and French alternatives.

It differs in the fact that there is an additional cap on the American roulette wheel. This reduces the odds for the players and increases the house edge. Although roulette remains one of the main sources of entertainment in gaming facilities, a new variation of the game has been introduced to casino fans. It features elements of classic European roulette, however, add to the fun factor of the game by adding another number ring on the spinning wheel.

This fairly new version of roulette has caught the attention of many casino fans, and while it sounds confusing to play with two rings of numbers on a single roulette wheel, the reality is that the game is not complicated at all. Additionally, Double Action Roulette can provide players with twice the fun of regular roulette. As it begins to gain more popularity in the gaming industry, Double Action Roulette deserves your attention. The game can be a lot of fun but also very lucrative.

If you find a casino that offers double action roulette, make sure you are familiar with the rules of the game. This way you are prepared and can fully enjoy your gaming experience. As mentioned above, the roulette wheel can have 37 sockets with a single green zero, or it can look like the American version with 38 positions, including 0 and 00. It should be noted that outside betting options are not even money bets. , but to be fruitful, the bet you have placed must be applicable to both wheel rings.

Double Action Roulette

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